Q: What is the cost to play?
A: Registration for Flag (5-7 years old) is $125. Registration for Tackle (7-14 years old) is $350.

Q: What’s included in the registration fees?
A: Football registration includes:

  • Cost to participate

  • Flag Division includes:

  1. Flags

  2. Uniform

  3. Spirit wear (logo'd t-shirt and shorts)

  4. Picture package

  • Tackle Divisions include:

  1. Safety Equipment: helmet, shoulder pads, knee thigh pads and tailbone pads

  2. Practice pants & practice jersey

  3. Game pants & game jersey

  4. Spirit wear (logo'd t-shirt and shorts)

  5. Picture package

Full cost breakdown here

Q: What will I need to purchase?
A: Players will need football cleats, mouthguard(s), and cup (or) compression shorts.

Q: When does the season start & how long does it last?
A: The season begins on August 1st for both tackle and flag divisions and typically runs through October/early November.

Q: When and where are games played?
A: All games are played on Saturdays. TVPW typically hosts half of our games in Temecula and half at visitor locations. Locations range from as far north as Wildomar, south as Scripps Ranch, east as Ramona and west as Oceanside.

Q: What division should I register my child in?  
A: Pop Warner provides divisions for kids 5-14 years old. Please reference our division matrix for a complete division breakdown and more information.

Q: Can I request a specific Coach or Team?
A: Yes, however placement with that Coach/Team is NOT guaranteed.

Q: How much volunteer time is expected from parents?
A: Parents are expected to volunteer for league and/or team activities for the duration of their team’s season, which includes playoffs and bowl games. Parents are also expected to assist during game day (chain gang, checker/spotter duty, snack shack, and other team specific duties).

Q: How often do teams practice?
A: Tackle - teams typically practice 5 days a week through August. Practice will drop to 3 days beginning the week of the first game.
A: Flag - teams typically practice 3 days a week through August. Practice will drop to 2 days beginning the week of the first game.

Q: How long are practices?
A: Tackle - 2 hours
A: Flag - 1.5 hours

Q: How do I become a coach?
A: We are always looking for coaching volunteers! Whether you are interested in becoming a Head Coach or Assistant Coach for this season, please send an email to our Coaches Representative at

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions?
A: Send us an email