TVPW Coach Ron Krause Earns USA Football 'Thanks Coach' Honors

TEMECULA, CA (Nov 7, 2016) - Temecula Valley Pop Warner is pleased to announce Coach Ron Krause has been selected as a finalist for USA Football's 'Thanks Coach' award. 

The Thanks Coach initiative was designed to recognize coaches for the impact and positive influence they have on their players.  Coach Krause was selected as a finalist out of thousands of applicants.  Coach Krause is the head coach for our Jr. Pee Wee Fighting Kodiaks, the Fighting Cubs flag, and serves as Vice President of the TVPW board.  His leadership and mentorship has helped shape the character of many players - beyond the football field.




One word that describes this coach: INSPIRING

Sum up what this coach means to you and/or your team.

Coach Krause is an inspiration for so many youth players within our community. Never one to yell, his post-practice and post-game huddle pep talks are always constructive and encouraging. The players look to him for guidance and support in so many areas of their lives, not just their performance on the field. They look to him during school, family and social struggles, and he is always there for them to guide and mentor them. He's the coach who will personally call, make home visits or stay after practice to work with a child who is struggling. For many of our players, he is the father figure they don't have in their own lives. Coach Krause brings unity and a sense of family to the team.

Please tell us your story of how this coach impacted your life and is so awesome?

Coach Krause has been my son's football coach for the last four years. He has dedicated so much time to helping my son improve his performance on the field and to try for positions that he once only dreamed of being able to play. He's the coach who gives everyone a shot. No position is ever secure. It has to be earned every day and can be challenged by another player at any time. Coach Krause encourages unity and brotherhood, holding many in-season and offseason get-togethers. When a player makes a touchdown, he'll ask the team: "Who made a touchdown?" And the team at first will reply with the player's name. He'll then correct them and say, "No ... we ALL made a touchdown! Touchdowns aren't possible without every member of this team doing their job."

In addition to being the head coach of my son's tackle team, Ron also stepped up to Head Coach a flag team when our League was in desperate need of flag coaches to give the kids an opportunity to play. He's also the Vice President of our League in charge of the Lil’ Scholars program and working with the youth and families who are struggling to meet the minimum scholastic requirements to play. As well as recognizing and rewarding those athletes that succeed in school and attending the banquet held each year to honor them. He also coaches basketball in the offseason and is a Scout leader, all while working a full-time demanding job and serving on his Home Owner Association's Board. He truly is an inspirational coach, dedicating so much of his time to helping our youth develop into respectable, well-rounded, compassionate scholar-athletes.

Congratulations Coach Krause!


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