2016 TVPW Fundraiser Carnival

September 9, 2016 - Save the Date!

The date is set for the 2016 Fundraiser Carnival.  If you are a returning player, you know how much fun the Carnival is.  If you're new to the league, the Fundraiser Carnival is a great evening for players and families.  We start the evening by introducing every team in the league, followed by games, concessions, and a host of vendor tents sponsored by our football and cheer teams.  Tickets are $1.00 each and families can use them at every tent in the Carnival.  100% of proceeds go to each team for their fundraising efforts. 

We will also have a limited number of vendor spaces available to local businesses this year. These spaces are for information sharing only (no retail sales at the event).  If you know of any local businesses interested in displaying, please contact: webmaster@TVPW.org


TVPW 2016 Carnival Sponsors