TVPW Election Results

TVPW is pleased to announce the election results for the 2019 Board of Directors!

Secretary - Kristin Juve (incumbent)
Team Parent Coordinator - Claudia Quevedo (incumbent)
Cheer Player Agent - Acacia Thede (incumbent)
VP of Football - Bryan People (incumbent)
Coaches Representative - Cirrus Sawyer (new)
Player Safety Coach - Mike Montoya (incumbent)
Football Player Agent - Sarah Rangel (incumbent)
Flag Player Agent - Jeff Logan (new)
Field Director - Alex Heredia (incumbent)
Equipment Manager - Ron Krause (incumbent)
Webmaster - Melanie Youdell (incumbent)
Concessions Coordinator - Kristin Lenhart (incumbent)

President (Tim Arnzen), Treasurer (Christine Southards), and VP of Cheer (Patricia Mikkelsen) will retain their positions for the 2019 season.

Visit for further information about the Board and descriptions about each position.

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